1. Check out some documentation of this exhibition at Needles & Pens of new work by Louis M Schmidt and Ben Medansky.



  2. justseedsartists:

    Fernando Martí’s Risograph print from our new Liberating Learning portfolio!

  3. wuvableoaf:

    Counting spot illustrations, I wrote and/or drew over twenty pages in this book. Apart from Wuvable Oaf, it’s the comics work I’m most proud of. Grab yourself a copy at microcosm publishing.com. #HenryandGlenn4ever

    Check out Ed Luce’s work in the Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever!  Go buy a copy.

  4. brianmichaelbendis:

    Ed Piskor 

    Ed Piskor covers Tom Scioli’s new comic.

    (Source: tomscioli, via spx)

  5. coolpages:

    American Barbarian (AdHouse Books - April 2012)

    Writer/Illustrator: Tom Scioli

    (via adhousebooks)

  6. wuvableoaf:

    I almost completely forgot about this… #Manscaping #ActivityBook #WuvableOaf


  7. tomscioli:

    8-OPUS: Destroyer of Worlds

    by Tom Scioli

    Tom Scioli!

  8. edpiskor:

    Scioli applied his genius to the Doom/Doom collab.

    Awesome Ed Piskor and Tom Scioli collaboration!

  9. Some pictures from Darin Klein's installation at the current Bitches Rule Cycle 3 show at & Pens.

    Read about it more at Darin’s blog:

    & Pens Press
    8564 Washington Blvd
    Culver City, CA 90232
    (310) 204-2500
    Monday-Saturday 12-7pm | Sunday 12-5pm
    Bitches Rule cycle 3 opened Saturday night at & Pens Press in Culver City. I’m really happy with my wallpaper installation made from photocopies of queer zines from my vast collection. The reception was a blast. Thanks so much to & Pens for hosting us. This is their final exhibition in their current space - stay tuned for info about their plans for the future, this is definitely not the end of & Pens. Thanks to all the bitches who participated in this show and all the people who came out to support. Mad love to prvtdncr and Bodega Vendetta for helping me add that extra handmade element to the Bitches Rule cycle 3 zine by sewing a bunch of crazy shit to all 100 of the covers!
  10. justseedsartists:

    Spring Sale! 15% off everything at Justseeds!

    Details here!

  11. Nancy Regen Projects Presents
    Bitches Rule cycle 3
    May 17-June 1, 2014
    Opening Reception + Zine Release Party
    Saturday, May 17, 2014
    & Pens Press
    8564 Washington Blvd
    Culver City, CA 90232
    (310) 204-2500
    Monday-Saturday 12-7pm | Sunday 12-5pm
    Bitches Rule is an occasional “queer centric” art event and casual collective created to foster and showcase the artwork of LGBTQ artists of Los Angeles in an unconventional, non-traditional environment. Bitches Rule cycle 3 showcases both the work of emerging and established artists, exemplifying the sense of community and support that queer artists share. Some of us are in the 2014 Whitney Biennial, others show internationally and others simply just create. But one thing is clear, all these Bitches Rule! 
    artist unknown
    Brandon Andrew
    John Arsenault
    Jesse Bern
    Juan Martin Del Campo
    Enrique Castrejon
    Zackary Drucker
    Brian Gainey
    Paul Gellman
    Darin Klein
    Duane Paul
    David Rasmussen
    Bodega Vendetta
  12. wuvableoaf:

    First day of WonderCon, ready to go! We’re in Small Press, #SP-63! #wondercon #wuvableoaf #Oafanthology @wuvableoaf

    Are you going to WonderCon?  Go say hi to Ed Luce!

  13. wuvableoaf:

    OAFANTHOLOGY is finally HERE! Available online at http://www.wuvableoaf.com/products.htm and this weekend at WonderCon Anaheim (Small Press Booth SP-063).

    Oafanthology features Wuvable Oaf drawings and stories by Johnny Ryan, Junko Mizuno, Gengoroh Tagame, Tom Neely, Vanessa Davis, Chynna Clugston Flores, Jason JFish Fischer, Robin Bogert, Edie Fake, James Sime, Kirsten Baldock, Stephen Sadowski, Josh Bayer, Katie Skelly, Mark Rudolph, Michael C. Hsiung, Christopher Schulz, Katie Longua, Matt Wobensmith, Mark Herzog and, of course, Ed Luce!

    The Regular Cover and Sketch Variant has 32 Black & White pages with an ADULTS ONLY TAGAME insert!

    The Special Edition comes with a regular cover version of the book, encased in a color dust jacket by Chynna Clugston Flores or Johnny Ryan, your choice! The reverse side features a color poster by Katie Longua! It also includes a split 7-inch single of “Fearce” covers by Author & Punisher and Harassor on multi-colored vinyl, with a MP3 download ticket for each song! Limited to an edition of 150!

  14. elizabreitweiser:

    Hello! I’m finally ready to share some exciting news with all 5 of you who follow my career (hey, mom!). I have partnered up with writer Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) and illustrator Paul Azaceta as the colorist of their new horror series, Outcast. Here’s our cover for #1. Be sure to keep an eye out for it this June! The first issue will be a whopping double-sized 44 pages for the regular price of $2.99. Can’t beat that.

  15. csczine:

    Title: Darin Klein childhood home and museum Clovis, California: A transcription of the audio tour

    Additional Title: The reflections of chief curator, John C. Purvience

    Author: Christopher Russell

    Publisher: San Francisco, CA: 2nd Floor Projects and Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, 2010

    Publication Date:


    o   Klein, Darin

    o   Art — Exhibition

    o   Artist’s books — California

    o   Sexual identity


    The publication is a transcription of the audio tour of Darin Klein’s art exhibit, transcribed by Christopher Russell.